Growing Family With Growing Needs

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Don and Sara had moved into a new home while expecting their first child. Their growing family had growing furniture needs, and we understand what it means to make the most of your space in any situation.

  • "We knew that we would need to really consider our choice of furniture to make room for our growing family, and the experts at Home Furniture in St. Jacobs really helped us understand how to make the most of our space. We couldn't have done it without them."

More Family, Less Room 

Don and Sara came to us with a common question: 'how can we make better use of our space now that we're expecting?' They had an office, which would need to be converted into another bedroom. They still needed a place to work and livable space while increasing the capacity of their dining room and losing the office.

Our team of Interior Designers sat with Don and Sara to look over the existing space, and determine how to best design their living room to accommodate the addition of a working space. Our Interior Decorators then looked at colours, patterns and accents to help make the space feel bigger. 'In the end, Home Furniture helped us reconfigure all of our living spaces and give us the room to work all in time for the big day. We've never been more comfortable in our home.'

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