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Why Shop With Home Furniture in St. Jacobs

Nestled in the heart of downtown St. Jacobs, Home Furniture offers a beautiful selection of high end, custom furniture with a full circle of service to make furnishing your home easy, from start to finish.

Home Furniture St. Jacobs is proudly Canadian

Proudly Canadian

Nestled in downtown St. Jacobs, Home Furniture and Appliances offers a beautiful selection of high end, custom furniture.  We pride ourselves with a large selection in Canadian made products, friendly service and in house design advice.

Full Circle Of Service

Alongside our product selection is a full circle of service from interior design, customization of furniture, through to the removal of your old and delivery of your new furniture.

Come visit the original home of Home Hardware and bring a piece of history home with you.

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  • If you're looking for clean lines, simpler colour palettes and practical functionality, you're someone who would appreciate a contemporary style and we can help you hone in on the exact furniture to fit you and your style.

What Sets Home Furniture St. Jacobs Apart

What Sets Us Apart

Uniquely Tailored

Our in-house experts can help you pick your colours, fabrics, patterns and uniquely tailor your furniture and decorations to the space and your personal style.

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Full Service

From assessing your space, planning the use of it, selecting and customizing your new furniture to delivering and removing your old furniture, we've got you covered.

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In-House Experts

Our in-house team of experts have extensive knowledge in all things furniture and appliances, and our staff of interior designers can bring your dreams to life.

Our Experts

Canadian Made

Home Furniture has a proud heritage as a Canadian company, and an even prouder heritage of offering the highest quality furniture from Canadian manufacturers.

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Large Space

With thousands of square feet devoted to furniture of every style, and even more space devoted to our clearance section, we have the right fit for any room.

Your Rooms

Delivery Options

As part of our full circle of service, we have several options for delivery across a wide area. We can be as flexible as you are to deliver and remove your furniture.

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    There's A First Time For Everything

    Jasmine and Michael were first-time homebuyers in Waterloo, looking to add a customized touch to their new home on a tighter budget.

    Home Furniture interior design expert, Sara McTavish, helped them understand their space and choose pieces from our Clearance section that made the most of their space and their budget.

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    Downsizing But Not Downgrading

    Cheryl and Bob decided to downsize from a house to a condo, but didn't want to compromise on the quality of their furniture.

    With Home Furniture's full circle of service, Cheryl and Bob were able to pick the right furniture for the space, and we helped them move the old stuff out to make way for the new.

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    Growing Family With Growing Needs

    Don and Sara had moved into a new home while expecting their first child.

    Their growing family had growing furniture needs, and we understand what it means to make the most of your space in any situation.

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We're Your Home Furnishing Experts

  • "Our team of experts have knowledge that encompasses all that we are, from designing a space, to decorating it to choosing which appliances will work best for you. Add to that the stellar customer service you've come to expect from Home Furniture to top it all off."

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