5 Tips For Furnishing A Small Space

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Designing a room, or furnishing an entire house, is a tall order as it is. Doing so with limited space makes it even more difficult, and it becomes even more important to consider every angle before making your decisions.

At Home Furniture, our team of experts has experience in making the most with your space, and we're happy to give you some pointers here on how to furnish your condo or small space intelligently. 

1. Keep bigger items on the perimeter of rooms

We've all walked into a room that was a bit on the tight side, but smack dab in the middle was a couch that commandeered the entire space, forcing you to walk around it, bumping into coffee tables and side tables as you do. With small spaces, it's important to consider the middle of the as a "no furniture zone" and try to keep your seating and larger items close to the perimeter to allow for easy movement through the space, especially if it's a high-traffic space. Sectionals are a great way to maximize seating in small spaces as they're flexible and can typically even be placed in corners.  

2. Look for multi-purpose and/or folding furniture

It goes without saying that in a small space, the more a piece of furniture can do for you the better. This keeps the number of pieces required to a minimum, freeing up your space and improving the use overall. Sectionals with built in storage, tables built for use behind a sofa, or door and drawer storage options underneath tables or seating offer a great amount of flexibility in a smaller footprint than single-purpose solutions. Another great solution is to design the space for the number of people that use it the most, and then provide collapsible or foldable seating and table options when guests come over. 

3. Get creative with storage

Storage is always crucial, and no matter the situation it tends to feel like there is never enough. In small spaces, like condos or basement living rooms, storage solutions are often sacrificed for seating space. By getting creative with storage solutions, like an ottoman with built in storage, TV stands with doors and drawers, and coffee tables with opening surfaces are just the beginning. 

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4. Using Large Rugs

Using a large rug often times helps to make a space feel bigger, compared to using several smaller rugs that simply emphasize the lack of square footage. By having a large area rug around 12 inches from each wall, it opens up the space. You could also use a rug in the centre of the room that stops a few inches away from the furniture to prevent it from being crowded by the furniture itself.

5. Make Use Of Mirrors

Mirrors are for more than vanity purposes, they also offer an affordable way to make a room feel bigger. When you look into a mirror, you see the wall behind you which inherently makes the room feel twice as big as it is. Further to that, mirrors reflect light and which helps to brighten up a space considerably. There are lots of options to help the mirror blend in with your room décor, and provide a tasteful accent to your wall space.

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