Fabulous Fall Trends of 2019

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2019 Fall Furniture Trends, Home Furniture St. Jacobs
Looking Ahead For Fall, Home Furniture

Looking Ahead For Fall 

This fabulous fall Season St. Jacobs Home Furniture would like to take you through what we see has the emerging trends for home decor in the fall 2019.

We like to prepare ourselves for the upcoming seasons. Fall is just around the corner, and while the weather outdoor may be drab at times, who says it needs to be drab indoors too?

Our Interior Designer, Sara McTavish, is a Fanshawe College graduate of the Interior Design Advance Diploma Program. Sara has 13 years of experience with an extensive knowledge of colour theory, design ergonomics, as well as residential and commercial space planning.

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Trends In Colour

Trending fall colours are going to be deep in tone but rich in hue.

Large furniture items such as sofas will be in deep charcoal greys, while accents such as toss pillows, area rugs, and artwork will be seen more in the colours of calming seafoam blue, evoking sage green, rich burnt orange, and lustrous berry red.

Come visit us in St. Jacobs and we'll help you find a wide variety of furniture and accents in trendy fall colours, with the style to match your room.

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Trends In Colour, Home Furniture
Texture Trends, Home Furniture

Trends In Texture

Fall is the time to get playful with your fabric textures. What's old is new again!

Dining chairs and toss pillows in lush velvets, or soft quilted fabrics add a classic touch to any space. Sectionals with ribbed backs create a modern elegance, however if you're looking for a more transitional appeal, why not try the ever-classic tweed fabric?

No matter what space you're looking to transform with texture, we have the selection in store in a variety of patterns for you to choose from to match the style of any room.

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Trends In Furniture

Furniture styles are also following suit with a modern spin on the retro look.

Oversized seats for sofas, and chair-and-a-halves are great to curl up in on cool evenings with a loved one. Accent chairs and dining chairs which incorporate angular spindle legs in wood or metal offer a sleek flair. Finally, simplistic coffee and end tables with clean lines and thin legs will help your space appear open and airy. Finish off the room by adding a new look with a conventionally unconventional piece of art.

With all the options to choose from for furniture, you'll fill your space quickly and we can help make sure it's still efficient with our team of experts at St. Jacobs Home Hardware. Voila, hello Fall Fabulous!

Trends In Furniture, Home Furniture

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