Home Décor Trends For Fall 2019

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At St. Jacobs Home Furniture, we’ve been busy preparing for the upcoming seasons. Fall is almost here and Monica and Sara, interior decorators and designers at the store would like to take you through some home décor trends for fall 2019.

Comfort Is Key

It’s all about comfort and your personal style. It’s that relaxing and cozy feeling when you step through your front door and into your space.

Your home is where you can completely escape the world and rest and recharge. Determining what style you are drawn to is key. You can have a look through magazines, online décor forums or visiting our showroom for inspiration. It can be mix of styles if you find yourself drawn between several, for example, modern farmhouse, relaxed transitional, or rustic coastal. Having a plan and colour theme will also help the process along.

Comfort Is Key, Home Furniture

We Can Help

At Home Furniture we have trained and knowledgeable staff that will assist you in your furniture selection, from colour selection to designing floor layouts and accessorizing from our expensive suppliers, such as Décor–Rest, Stylus and Campio Group. We are here to bring your vision to life and help make your house a home.

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Know Your Space, Home Furniture

Know Your Space

Room design can be challenging, especially if you are working with a small space or even an extra-large area.

Having the knowledge of room design we can develop plans that will provide a natural flow and interesting layout. We offer customizable sectionals and sofas from several of our Canadian companies. The possibilities are endless with the different options, it can be a large sectional for movie nights or a smaller compact sofa with floating chaise for your condo. There are many upgrades to choose from, for example, adding a power recliner to your sofa or extra storage under the seats. This is excellent option for smaller spaces with limited storage.

Big Ideas For Small Spaces

Often living in a smaller space or a condo with open floor plans can also be difficult to design and decorate.

The living room can be opening into the dining room which is open to the kitchen. By having pieces that can serve several functions is important. A wheeled cart can be used to make snacks and drinks in the kitchen and then rolled out into the living room for serving and entertaining. Compact swivel chairs do well in awkward spaces. Best Home Furnishings have many rounded swivels chairs that look great and are comfortable and can be custom made just for you. The dining room also allows for your personal style to shine. Canadel, a Montreal company has numerous options for tables and chairs, styles ranging from traditional to contemporary to farmhouse, you are sure to find something that suits you.

Time For Bed

Another space that can get overlooked is the bedroom.

This space is your sanctuary away from it all, a place to rest or quiet space to catch up on some work or read your favorite book. Keep the space warm and cozy by adding layers. Bed room furniture no longer need to part to the same set, keep it interesting by mixing and matching while keeping the same theme to create a cohesive environment. Upholstered beds are another trends we are seeing. This creates an inviting space and can be mixed in with existing furniture or added to a new design. However, the most important piece of the bed room is your mattress. We spend 1/3 of our life sleeping and that should be on a comfortable and supportive mattress. If you find yourself still tired when waking up, stiff, sore muscles and your mattress is over 8 years, consider a change. At Home Furniture we have several brands to choose from including, Springwall, Sealy, Tempur-Pedic and Sterns and Foster.

Time For Bed, Home Furniture

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