Love Your Space: Simple Ways to Personalize Your Home

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Love Your Space: Simple Ways to Personalize Your Home

Your home is a space that is all yours. You can decorate it and fill it with whatever makes you happy. It is a space that you can decorate numerous times and still call it home. How you decorate reflects your individual personality and tastes. Your home is where you can escape and recharge, where you can host family dinners and, to just be yourself. It’s a space you love and feel welcome the moment you step through your front door. But how do you personalize your home? You may already have the main ingredients: sofas, occasional tables, a bed set or dining table, but how can you transform this space even further to make it yours? At Home Furniture and Appliances St. Jacobs we have five simple tips to assist you in personalizing your home


This is an easy and simple way to liven up your walls.

There are many themes to choose from for wall art, florals, landscape, abstract or photography and can come framed or canvas wrapped. Size is the key. Bigger is usually better when it comes to art. People often select wall art that is much too small. The art should be three-fourths the width of the furniture and hung 6”-9” above the top the furniture.

Love You Home Artwork, Home Furniture
Love Your Home Plants, Home Furniture


Adding greenery or flowers is another way to brighten your home

No worries if you don’t have a green thumb, succulents or cacti do not require much water, or you can be safe and go with faux plants. Plants look great incorporated into a bookshelf or as a centrepiece on a coffee table. Just be sure to check if the plants are pet safe if you have a cat or dog or place out of reach.


Painting the walls is one of the easiest and cost-effective ways to change your home

 This is all about your personality, do you want to be bold and go dark and dramatic? Or keep it clean and simple with a light grey or beige? Wallpaper is on-trend right now. But if the lengthy application isn’t for you, there is an easier way with peel and stick vinyl wallpaper. Available in several styles and colours this is a simple way to update your walls and removal takes only minutes.


Providing adequate lighting in your home is important.

Throughout the day there are various tasks being completed and require proper light. Layered lighting in your space creates a dynamic atmosphere and allows for your unique style to shine. Changing a floor or table lamp is quick and brings instant style to a room. Art Deco design is will be a big trend for 2020.

Love Your Space - Lighting, Home Furniture


Rugs, drapes, pillows and throws all add personality to your home.

Adding an area rug instantly creates a more comfortable and welcoming space. Just like wall art, bigger is better for area rugs. Ideally in a living room, you want all the legs of the furniture to be on the rug, not just the coffee table. A large rug will make the room appear bigger. For a dining room, you want to be able to pull the chairs fully out and have all the legs on the rug. Pillows and throws can be changed throughout the year, depending on mood and seasons. Fun, bold patterns create impact, or calming solid colours can be soothing. It’s really all about you and what makes you happy in your home

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