Seasonal Decorating Tips

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Those wintery vibes have arrived! The leaves are falling, the weather is cooling down, and the days are getting shorter. It's a great time to make some small updates to your decor and furniture to fit with the new season.

It can be fun and easy to add a few new decor or furniture items to your home to help it fit with the new season. You can also use the seasons as a chance to upgrade your home furniture to be stylish all year round. A few changes or new looks can make your home perfect for seasons ahead!

Seasonal Decorating

Fall/Winter can be fantastic seasons for decorating. Deep colours, like rust, browns, burnt orange and reds, as well as neutrals like grey, and beige, make for a calming atmosphere. Finding unique and beautiful items during this season gives you a lot of room for experimenting with new colours and styles!

One easy way to bring your home into the season is with cushions and pillows on your existing furniture. These deep colours can help refresh a room or the neutral shades can compliment the decor that you already have. These accessories can create a more welcoming environment for the chilly fall days!

You can also add seasonal artwork or festive decorations that speak to the season or in general to your style. 

Seasonal Decorating

Book Nook Chair

Furniture for Fall

One of the best pieces of furniture for the cooler season is a cosy chair. There's something special about curling up next to the fireplace with a good book in a comfy chair! You can choose a rocking chair or even a deep or low chair with cushions and lots of pillows and throws for squishy comfort for curling up and relaxing in the cool fall weather.

Benches are also perfect additions to a variety of rooms in the home. In a mudroom or entranceway, they make the perfect place to sit down and take off boots, jackets, and wet clothing.

Wood is always welcoming! Wooden furniture, whether dark walnut, light ash, or even wicker create the warm environment that you want in the cooler seasons. Decorating with wood pieces allow for flexible decorating for the changing seasons.

If you're looking to refresh your home this season, come visit us at Home Furniture St. Jacobs! We can help you find furniture and accessories that are perfect for your space to welcome autumn.

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