New Years Resolutions and Your Home

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New Years Resolutions and Your Home

New Years often comes with new resolutions. Some people will look to get more fit or eat better while others might seek some change or lift in other aspects of their world like your home! 

Curb the Clutter

One of the New Year’s resolutions we see the most is organization. Being more organized, and tidy. Keeping things in their place. We all know too well how quickly a house can spiral out of control, when things end up everywhere and not where they should be. From working from our home office to kids playing in the living room area clutter can become a real issue. We have a couple tricks up our sleeves that will help you to stay more organized and keep your home clutter free.

For many of us we have had to work partially or full time from home in the last couple years. When you work from home you would think you would have more time to clean your house, but actually it is quite the opposite. When we work from home we have a tendency to work longer hours, or we get interrupted by home related things so we end up not being done many times till well into the evening. Having a desk set up that allows for organization is key to managing your time while in front of your desk. A desk with shelves nearby for storing your papers is a great way to have what you need right at your fingertips and easy to put back too! Organization helps you to manage your time.



Hidden Storage

The other thing that happens especially during the winter season is the kids are inside more. Furniture that has storage built in like our lift up ottoman is perfect for storing the remote controls as well board games. For those with younger kids a nice storage bench in a corner area of the living room is the perfect place to hide toys.

We can help you to get the organization in your home you need. Less clutter equals more peace of mind. Our knowledgeable helpful staff will help you to find exactly what you need to fulfill those home New Year’s resolution goals, so you can create the home life you want for 2022.

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