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Furnishing a small space can be a challenge, from the right size of bed to the use of space-saving storage and Home Furniture St. Jacobs and our team of experts can help you make the most of it.

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Your Space Is Limited

Condo living sounds like it might be cramped, limiting your freedom for personal expression and comfort with your furniture. Fortunately, at Home Furniture in St. Jacobs, we know that doesn't have to be the case.

Make The Most Of It

We feature several lines of furniture designed to make even small spaces feel large and comfortable. From well thought out sectionals, to smart storage solutions and high-efficiency appliances, to the perfect lighting, we have options for you to realize your sense of style within a smaller space. Come visit us in St. Jacobs today, and let's get started.

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Outfit Any Room

If you live in a small condo, or a large one with several rooms, we can help you by looking at the space and suggesting the best options to maximize your usage for any room in your home.

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Big Expertise For Tiny Spaces

We love furniture, and we love helping people, so helping you organize your space, selecting furniture and the right customizations to bring your style to life is our bread and butter. With so many options to choose from, we have the flexibility of design, even for your condo, to make the space uniquely yours.

With our full-circle service approach, we can also take care of all the heavy lifting for you to bring your old furniture out and your new furniture into your space, freeing you up to watch as your dreams unfold in front of you. Come visit Home Furniture in St. Jacobs today and get started.

Why Shop With Us The Experts

Tiny Spaces, Home Furniture
  • Traditional styling is a very flexible and welcoming style that allows for warm woods, soft touches, floral prints and a collection of different types of furniture into one cohesive space.

    There's A First Time For Everything

    Jasmine and Michael were first-time homebuyers in Waterloo, looking to add a customized touch to their new home on a tighter budget.

    Home Furniture interior design expert, Sara McTavish, helped them understand their space and choose pieces from our Clearance section that made the most of their space and their budget.

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    Downsizing But Not Downgrading

    Cheryl and Bob decided to downsize from a house to a condo, but didn't want to compromise on the quality of their furniture.

    With Home Furniture's full circle of service, Cheryl and Bob were able to pick the right furniture for the space, and we helped them move the old stuff out to make way for the new.

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    Growing Family With Growing Needs

    Don and Sara had moved into a new home while expecting their first child.

    Their growing family had growing furniture needs, and we understand what it means to make the most of your space in any situation.

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Our Furniture Experts, Home Furniture St. Jacobs

Style Is Our Strength

  • If you're looking for clean lines, simpler colour palettes and practical functionality, you're someone who would appreciate a contemporary style and we can help you hone in on the exact furniture to fit you and your style.

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